About Mid-South

Wrapped-GoodsMid-South Textiles is a full-service fashion textile manufacturing company with offices in New York’s Fashion District and offices and plant in Jackson, Tennessee.  The plant’s central location allows Mid-South to quickly manufacture and distribute waistbands and biasing from coast-to-coast.

The history of Mid-South Textiles begins in 1946 as the United States was emerging from World War II. A factory located on a military base in Jackson, Tennessee (between Nashville and Memphis) became its base of operations. The central location of the factory allowed Mid-South to quickly provide products to the apparel industry from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles.

At the time every pair of pants had a unique waistband. These bands would be mass-produced and forwarded to the clothing designer for addition during the fine tailoring of the garment.

Today, everything from those same dress pants to denim to shirts to casual slacks and even automobile interiors carry a branded unique bias that carries the designer’s brand throughout the product.

Mid-South’s Jackson plant has 3 rotary screen printers equipped with dryers capable of continuous printing of fabrics up to 18 inches wide.  This equipment can print 5-color registration.

With nearly 70 years of experience, Mid-South’s Jackson factory is able to provide biasing made from a wide variety of fabrics, non-wovens and raw materials using several different methods to best suit your needs. Whether your needs include biasing, cutting, festooning, printing, or slitting, Mid-South is ready with the equipment and expertise to be your partner in manufacturing.