New York

New York is a theatre town; it’s a financial center; it’s a foodie mecca; and it’s a city that’s most definitely fashion forward. New York is a city that exudes fashion. At every turn, you’re sure to run into someone sporting the latest trend (or soon-to-be trend). Take a walk up and down Fifth Avenue and you’ll always see the most exciting advances in fashion.

Well, if the famed New York Subway is the arteries that keep Manhattan flowing, the Fashion District is the heart of New York. And Mid-South Textiles is proud to be headquartered in the center of the Fashion District.

Our location gives top labels and designers quick access to our leadership and supply chain. It also means that we’re exposed to the ever-changing industry just by walking out our front door!

From our home base, we can be anywhere in the country or the world. From New York to Chicago to Los Angeles or even Paris, we’re ready to be your partner in the manufacturing process.